Beech Leaf Disease and Other Recent Plagues


This session will cover the diseases that were notable in 2021 as well as the integrated management of these problems. Learn the symptoms and the environmental conditions behind spring leaf diseases such as Anthracnoses, needle casts and rusts.  Midsummer problems this year included Cristulariella leaf spot on maple and black leaf spot on elm, plus powdery mildew on nine bark and Japanese maple. All season long the new Beech Leaf Disease - caused by a nematode! - caused concern for lovers of American and European beech trees. Fall brought boxwood blight and the second part of the pear trellis rust life cycle. Learn about the latest research on some of these diseases, and about the cultural and chemical management for many of the problems we saw this year. 

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Margery Daughtery

Cornell University Extension

Margery is the Senior Extension Associate at the School of Integrative Plant Science Plant Pathology and Plant-Microbe Biology Section

Margery is internationally recognized as a leader in prevention and mitigation of disease losses in nursery and floriculture production.


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